The world of motorcylces is very big and it’s hard enough to start your journey.

Our driving school located in Moscow, but we are very pleased with students from other countries. We are the first English-speaking school in Moscow

For any information please call +79856911151 (WhatsUp, Telegram) or write to email info@freedommoto.ru


For beginners

we have covered area about 3800 m2, where you learn how to ride a bike all year round, no matter what the weather.

We will explain body position on motorcycle, motorcycle controls, breaking techniques, the physics of motorcycle, contrsteering and many other things that will help you to ride a bike properly.

Also, our company can help you to get driving license in Russia, that will allow you to ride motorcycle all over the world.

For experienced

We have many options to pump your skills.


Very young type of sport, but very popular, because you need only your bike for it. You can train in our school on our bikes. The instructor is a professional in his field, because he won a lot of competitions.





Real skill and adrenaline can’t be obtained in a city. You have to go to special tracks. We have our own racing  team and carry out motocross and supermoto trainings. With the coming of winter we are going on the ice. Training on the ice on a motorcycle is not only for experience, it is also a lot of fun.